First imPression

It appears that it’s in fact rather difficult to begin a blog. Many have been the times that I’ve wished I had a blog simply because Twitter is too brief and Facebook is too… well, Facebook. But now that I have it, I feel I ought to write some kind of introductory spiel, which in itself will be completely unworthy of being read; surely it would be incorrect nettiquette to simply leap in and start spewing my brainbits all over the blundernet? And so here is my unworthy and unwitty first post, which hopefully will eventually get lost in the mists of time.

Furthermore, I am not under the illusion that this blog will do anything other than serve as a head-dump. It will not take the world by storm or make me famous, because neither it nor I is very clever or glamorous. It will not revolutionise the dissemination of front-row news and views from the catwalks, clubs and culture-holes, because I don’t have access to that kind of thing and I don’t like Coke (the drink. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like cocaine either). It’s just going to be a head-dump. Another vaguely imploring, try-hard corner of the blundernet whose only purpose is to enable me to send people a link and let them choose to decide whether they’re interested enough to read. Because at the moment I just tend to talk. Too much. With detail. All the time. Who knows, this single act of NOT sharing information might be the most successful “social networking” I’ve done in a long time.


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